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Creating Art With Supreme Ink

Tattoos have been permanently inked into modern culture, but many wonder if there are devotional taboos to tattoos, and is it truly a genuine Vasihnava practice.

Every where you look these days you can spot a variety of individuals wearing a range of tattoos from butterflies to hearts to more elaborate and exotic type designs. For some reason or another, individuals enjoy decorating their bodies with these unmovable images of skulls, crossbones, snakes, and dragons. Due you realize that over twenty percent of all Americans have a tattoo, which is close to forty million people. Of course, some one of the Hare Krishna faith would be one of the last people you would expect to see among those forty million.

However, there many Hare Krishna devotees that sport the wearing of tattoos and that number is continuing to increase. The question to be asked is does the ancient traditions and scriptures surrounding the Hare Krishna faith have any foundations or regards for wearing the art of tattoos. You could uncover your first clues to answering this question by looking at the tribal traditions in India. In fact, some tribes believe that Rama's greatest devotee, Hanuman, was tattooed on his dislocating shoulder to help relieve his pain each time it reoccurred.

In the nomadic Ribari tribe, women wore many extreme elaborate tattoos. In the Ramnami society, tattooing became a painful custom during the nineteenth century. In fact, they had the name of Rama in Sanskrit tattooed on practically every inch of skin including their tongues and on the inside of their lips. It was thought that this practice was meant to protect them form bigoted caste conscious brahmanas that they had angered by adopting their customs, which are carried on today.

One pujari is known to have three Sanskrit mantras tattoos. Two of these tattoos are in praise to the deity he worships, Govardhana, while the other he views as for his protection, which is Nrsimha, who is the half man half lion incarnation of the Krishna faith. Also, on each of his arms are the sacred pots that are used in fire sacrifices, which are known as sri kumbha.

On his back, he has tattoos of Arjuna and Parashurama, who were known as two of the greatest warriors in Vedic history, which are complemented by a fire sacrifice pit in between them both as a way to protect him from any misfortune. Located on his chest are the Lord Krishna and then His dwarf incarnation, known as Vamana in the aspect of his great beauty. On both of his arms, he has the four sacred symbols of Vishnu, which are the club, disc, conch shell, and the lotus.

All of his tattoos were selected after careful research that took him almost five years to chart. He has readily admitted that he often walks around with his tattoos on full display so that when he is asked about them, then he will have a chance to explain them.

The modern incarnation of tattooing was not around during the birth of Gaudiya Vasihnavism, however, there were very close parallels. During the eighteenth century, there are five purification processes, which are known as panca samskara, along with spiritual initiation with one of them being one direct perception of Krishna. These five purification processes were austerity, wearing tilaka, performing sacrifices, accepting a new name at initiation, and the chanting of mantras. The word austerity simply means accepting the branded marks of Lord Vishnu, which are the considered as the symbols of the club, disc, conch shell, and the lotus.

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Tattoo's And MRI's Don't Mix

This surprised the heck out of me when I read this article. It is claiming that people who have tattoos more so black ink tattoos need to take some extra precaution when getting an MRI done. I’m pretty sure we all know that an MRI is a diagnostic test that uses a magnetic field and radio waves that creates a very informed cross-sectional image of your body. Well it has been reported that people are experiencing burns in tattooed areas more so in black ink or darker tattoos. However, it is unknown how often this strange occurrence happens.
Some research has been done on this matter and the only thing that has been determined is that they suspect the burns are related to iron oxide. Apparently, dark ink tattoos have iron oxide in them which is potentially magnetic. Since it conducts electricity this causes the iron oxide to heat up during an MRI and causes some burns to occur.

So if you are scheduled for an MRI and you have black or dark ink tattoos be sure to tell you doctor about this and discuss any concerns you may have. More than likely you will be just fine and the benefit from the MRI will probably outweigh the concerns you have for your tattoos. To reduce the possibility of your tattoo burning your doctor may suggest to put an ice pack or cool compresses over your tattoo during the actually MRI to be safe.

So it just goes to show that your body art can cause more problems that you are aware of.

Your Tattoo Friend


The Benefits of Having a Tattoo

Tattoos have become a great craze. The advantage of a tattoo is that it gives your personality a complete make over. Varieties like big tattoos, small tattoos and body covering tattoos and much more are on offer for both men and women. It is just a matter of choice as to what tattoo you want on yourself.
Well, just as there are pros and cons or positives and negatives to everything we do in life; tattoos too have advantages and disadvantages. For instance, at some point of time you may want to reflect your style as aggressive and select a tattoo to match, but afterwards it might give a negative connotation and you may regret your decision. So, think before you act. Decide what it is that you want your tattoo to say about you. Understand the advantages of tattoo designs and match it with your character.

Sometimes people choose symbolic tattoo designs, just because it is symbolic. Often times it would turn out to be a wrong decision. Even symbolic designs sometimes have a time frame and will turn out to be a mismatch later. What you need to look for is colors and designs which will show your character to advantage. The vast range of designs available with the print media and on internet web sites can help you to choose an apt tattoo which will enhance your style and body language.

The advantage of a tattoo is that it gives a meaning to your body and style, and a good quality of colors and designs shows off the benefits of the art. You can even get inspiration from the tattoos worn by other people. However, think well before you decide on your tattoo. Realize the advantage of the tattoo design you have chosen before inking since tattoo is as permanent as your skin and I am sure you don’t want to go through painful and expensive surgery to remove a tattoo.

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Tattoo Problems, Pitfalls and Tips

Tattoo Problems, Pitfalls and Tips

Author: Jane Sumerset

While the popularity of tattoos, with a vast variety of messages, seems to be on a steady increase, there are still some very important safety considerations which cannot be ignored.

Especially in the warmer months of the year, many experience and have questions about raised and itchy tattoos. Most people who suffer with this condition typically describe the discomfort being occasional rather than consistent, or sometimes either. There may actually be one of several different causes and it is important for proper treatment to find the precise cause..

Let's consider some of the most common causes and then examine possible courses of treatment.

The tattoo ink being the source of an allergic reaction comes to mind immediately, but is not a likely causative factor. While there are occasions where allergic reactions to ink occur, the reaction could be immediate, a week later, or years from the original tattoo application. Red and yellow inks seem to be the most likely colors to cause an allergic reaction.

Changes in the body chemistry due to illness and/or aging may adversely affect areas that once were originally benign. Ink allergies will be itchy and raised only in spots of the particular color. With the ink allergies, the irritation is more common, not peaking and waning. For mild irritations, topical ointments may help to relieve symptoms, but a prescription drug or even tattoo removal is recommended for more severe cases.

Weather is most often the cause of the consistent, yet possibly mild, irritation. It may only be noticeable during the summer months. Seasonal increases in temperature and humidity may cause swelling of a tattoo, and thus, some itching and irritation.

As the swelling proceeds, there's a slight stretching of the skin, causing an itchy sensation. If your tattoo has had a long time to heal, it won't likely be damaged by scratching, but best to avoid any mechanical irritation. For relief of itching and irritating symptoms, use topical creams, ice packs or cool water for relief.

The overall health of your body can affect your tattoo site, as well. Increases in blood pressure, adrenaline, or changes in body temperature - will render some affect on the tattoo site. Always try to pay attention to any irritations or skin injuries at or near the tattoo site. Many folks who suffer with eczema may have irritation problems with their tattoo, as well.

Some skin conditions are so minor that symptoms are not apparent until a reaction forms at the more sensitive skin, the tattoo site.

Of course, also be careful about the placement and design compatibility. I often joke about seeing a tattooed on dragon turn into a green zebra over time. Ink can smudge and stretch as your body changes.

If your tattoo ever gets smudged or you decide that you no longer want it, it's important to know your options for tattoo removal. Unfortunately, removal methods are harsh, painful, and usually result in scarring. You can avoid this by following the pointers we outline shortly, when we talk about trust.

Research, research, research! You can't do enough. It's like thinking about your first mortgage. Buying a house is a big thing, but it is not exactly permanently modifying your body. But you looked at every loan facility under the sun to find the perfect one for you. Same for the parlor you will be going to for your tattoo.

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Read more in: The Ultimate Tattoo Guide http://www.thetattoosecrets.com

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Monday, November 24, 2008

You Got A Tattoo of … You What!?

I have a respect for tattoos. Whether the guys from LA ink made it or the anonymous guy from a drunken party, I’ve always admired the tattoo artist – as well as the guy getting the tattoo (just how painful is that!?). I consider it as both an art form and a fashion accesory. But as we all know, art can go bad, and sometimes people just don’t get fashion.

Every person who’s ever had a tattoo explains each tattoo has a meaning – however, there are some tattoos that I just don’t get. A big muscly guy with a tweetie bird tattoo… sure I can understand that. But these… i wonder how drunk these people were when they got these "for life"

Can you put an Obama Tattoo on me? Yes We Can! He took to heart his choice for president. I’m sure he’s praying Obama wins this elections.

I love to cook, I do. And Rachel Ray does cook up some mean treats – but my fanaticism goes only so far as to buying the wares she has on the show – but not tattoo her face on my back.

This is one democrat who wasn’t too happy with the way the primaries ended. Wonder what Hillary Clinton was so… excited about.

I swear to you when I saw this, I fell off my chair. It’s not a badly executed tattoo as you can see the emotions in her eyes (and mouth!), but just how Britney Spears looks is freaky! Although she’s cleaning up, for this person, Britney will forever be in the same wild-state she was in ages ago. This tattoo drives me craaaazzzy.

I understand why there’s a lot of Paris fans. She’s not bad at all. (Have you seen here campaign ad?). If gossip girl could turn into reality, she’d definitely be in it. This tattoo though.. not so hot.

I enjoy watching Stephen Colbert. He’s hilarious. Combined with Jon Stewart, and I’d probably be peeing all over the place. Now although I enjoy watching him, I wouldn’t have the same experience as looking at him on my skin. (Not a bad looking tattoo though, look at that trademark eyebrow!)

Last but not the least, he may have withdrawn from the 2008 Presidential Elections, but for this guy, he’ll be stuck with Ron Paul Forever.

Fans can do some of the craziest things - but marking yourself for life is something I’m not prepared to do. I can sort of take an Obama tattoo. The Hillary tattoo is almost over the edge for me. But I’d honestly have the crazy britney tattoo instead of ron paul’s. However, I ask you dear reader, if you were to have a tattoo of someone you idolize, who would it be and where would you want that tattoo to be? Share your thoughts.

Christine Waverly speaks her mind on her blog about everything and anything - travel, the good life, women's issues and politics. Visit her site today!

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Choosing the Best Tattoo Design You Will Not Regret

By: Lucy Diniero

Interested in getting a tattoo but not sure what you want to permanently ink into your skin? Your not the only one with that train of thought, it is a big decision to make. Tattoos are not easily removed and the experience is painful, time consuming and costly. Your tattoo will most likely be with you for the remainder of your life, so you want to make sure it is something you will love for the remainder of your life.

You may want to take into consideration not just the look of the tattoo, but what the tattoo may say about you or what it may represent or symbolize. A good way to start thinking about the tattoo you may want is to look through other examples. There are probably millions of tattoos to choose from in various colors, sizes, styles and shapes. If it can be drawn, it can be tattooed. Places to search for tattoo designs include magazines, online websites or design books and samples at a tattoo parlor. Another option for a unique tattoo would be to create your own design or to spend some time with the tattoo artist and discuss with them what you have in mind so they can create a custom and unique design for you personally.

A good tattoo artist should be willing to work with you to get you what you truly want for a tattoo design. If you find a design that is what you desire in a magazine simply show the picture to the tattoo artist and they will draw the tattoo up for you. If you look online for a tattoo design, tattoo websites may offer some designs for free, while others may charge a small fee for you to print off and use their design. Either way, print out the design at the correct size that you wish, if possible, and bring it with you to the tattoo appointment.

Besides the meaning behind a tattoo, others things you will want to consider is the size of the tattoo, the location of where the tattoo will go, if you want the tattoo in color or as a black and white tattoo. Again, remember how it will look and be when you are elderly, will you still want a fad tattoo to show in a prominent and uncovered spot? Plenty of thought should be given to such a permanent stamp on the body. Along these lines, you may run into a tattoo who will refuse tattooing names or dates. Before getting offended at the artist, think about their reason for acting this way.

The tattoo will long outlast any relationship for example. Lovers and friendship may come and go, regardless of how well the relationship may be now that can change in the future and a tattoo can be a reminder of a lot of pain. It is these kinds of tattoos that people regret the most later on in life. You may want to consider a trendy tattoo in much of the same way. Do you want a tattoo that is stylish now, but may be distasteful or embarrassing at a later time?

A tattoo can be a beautiful thing in symbolism or in shape and the tattoo we choose should represent ourselves by giving it deep thought that takes into account all the important factors mentioned above. Finally, be proud of the art that you place on your body!

Author Resource:-> Lucy is a writer and tattoo enthusiast. Visit her site at http://www.tatoos2u.com/ to learn about the best tattoo designs and where to get them from.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Best After Tattoo Care Strategies

Many people, when they get tattoos, don't consider the fact that after tattoo care is very important. Tattoos are so popular, in fact, that many people don't think at all, before they get one. Tattoos are everywhere and everyone wants to get in on the popular craze. They get caught up in the excitement, without considering the consequences.

Not only do many people not consider after tattoo care, but many of them don't even think about which tattoo design to get. They just get the first tattoo that they see or the first design that pops into their head. If you go that route, you're going to deprive yourself of many choices and opportunities, though.

Everything from choosing a tattoo to after tattoo care is, after all, very complicated and important. There are thousands, perhaps even millions, of tattoo choices, so make sure to do some research, first. You might even choose to design your own tattoo or modify a tattoo pattern that you find. That will ensure that you get a completely different look from other people.

Internet tattoo galleries are also a great source of information for you. You can browse through as many tattoo designs as you could possibly think of online. You can take patterns you find online and show them to your tattoo artist, who can put a totally unique and original spin on the pattern. Not only that, but Internet tattoo galleries and forums can even provide you with lots of after tattoo care tips, as can your tattoo artist.

Before you deal with after tattoo care, though, you need to first consider where on your body to get your tattoo. Depending on whether the tattoo you choose is small or large, it can change where you plan to place it. For example, the back or the stomach are the best places for large tattoos. Small, on the other hand, can go almost anywhere.

Since tattooing involves puncturing your skin with needles, pain will be a factor and infection could happen. If you want to avoid infection, you need to follow after tattoo care tips.

When it comes to after tattoo care tips, one of the most important ones is to walk a line between keeping it moist and getting it too wet. You shouldn't take a bath or swim when the tattoo is first healing. However, you should use ointments to keep it moist and clean it with a wet cloth.

The next after tattoo care tip to follow is to keep your tattoo out of the sun. Tattoos can easily fade over time, especially when they are exposed to too much sunlight. You should, therefore, stay inside, at least when the tattoo is first healing.

If you got a tattoo on your foot, you need to follow a unique after tattoo care tip. You need to take time off from work and stay off your feet until it heals. That's because walking or having your shoes rub on your foot tattoo will be quite painful. In fact, you should try not to wear shoes at all until it heals.

So, once you've chosen the perfect tattoo for you, remember that the process doesn't end there. You don't want something to go wrong with your tattoo, so you need to be very careful about after tattoo care.

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Beautiful Flower Tattoo Design Body Art By : Aparna Payal

Body art is taking much popularity in the youth day by day this not only seen in the male but nowadays the girls are also using it to make some creativity in the their beauty. Different people do the different fashion body art some make tattoo, some color their hairs, some make the piercing of ear, nose, and even tongue so the consecutively everyone is running to play the fashion game for the everlasting want of glamour. The desire for the choice of tattoo is endless so an internet carries thousands of pictures to meet your requirement. The famous rock star also making the craze in the youth. Some write the names of their loved ones in their hand and some have the craze to make the different horror pictures like dragon and some make the flower in the dense way. But the motto to make the tattoo is same to become attractive one. The famous Indian star Akshay Kumar made tattoo of the name of his son. The craze from the film star comes to the crowd and it becomes the fashion. The enthusiasm for the flower tattoo is taking its zenith particularly in the girls. Flower tattoo symbolizes love and heart with purity. Internet becomes crowded by the people who want to download a beautiful tattoo for making it in their body. There is lots of tattoo design in the internet that gives the picture to create in their body and after downloading it they made it on their body. The different picture of the flowers like rose, marigold daisy, hibiscus and lily and many more. The different arts adds with flower make it more attractive and beautiful. The flower tattoo design may be combines with fairy, candle, heart etc. the symbol and different flower also symbolizes something like jasmine symbolizes happiness, tulip symbolizes beauty of eyes, cherry blossom symbolizes spiritual beauty etc.

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Information about the Author: www.tattoosdesigns.org/2008/09/01/flower-tattoo-designs/ www.tattoosdesigns.org

Punk & Neo-Tribal Body Art

Punk & Neo-Tribal Body Art

Punk & Neo-Tribal Body Art

Tattoo Art after Care By : Aparna Payal

Today the tattoo design art is increasing day by day. It become the part of the fashion because piercing tattoo looks attractive and stylish so the craze for piercing tattoo is increasing day by day in the youth but they do not know the ill effect of the tattooing. The piecing of tattooing to various customers makes the piercing infected by the disease so it may be harmful for you. After long time the tattooing may get fade and it looked odd on you. The sudden piercing on the sensitive skin makes it red and blemishes may occur. The sensitive skin troubles you a lot that you have a completely loosing the colour of the skin. Tattoo ink is acidic in nature and it may cause the burning of the skin. The tattoo not completely gets fade after 5-6 years but looks very odd that can not be erased. No matter that you look good or not but you should not get blind in the name of fashion and do the dangerous things with your health. But than also you wanted to do the tattooing than keep some tips in mind while piercing the tattoo. The tattoo should be made with licensed and sterile and safe method. Needles should be disposable or one time use only that helps you to stop the infections. The tattoo master should wash the entire instrument with spirit and he should wear the gloves to stop the infections from other. And see that he should not touch any things while doing the piercing that contains bacteria like mobile phone or some other things. Use antibacterial soaps to wash the tattoo and completely clean the pierced area. Than apply ointment which is having vitamin A or D oil so that it may give you relax do not apply the Neosporin because it not works for tatting area. Do not take the shower when you have the new tattoo piercing the water may cause you infection. So keep your tattoo place wet to 5-6 days. Or you can use lukewarm water. After some day scabbing is done in your skin but excessive scabbing shows that you are not having a right type of tattooing. Protect your tattoo from the direct exposure of sunrays.

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Information about the Author: www.tattoosdesigns.org/2008/08/30/care-after-design-tattoos/ www.tattoosdesigns.org

Advanced Tattoo Art: How-to Secrets From The Masters

Advanced Tattoo Art: How-to Secrets From The Masters

No longer the domain of bikers and sailors, tattoos can now be found decorating the skin of soccer moms and white-collar executives...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Why tribal tattoes so popular

Why tribal tattoos so popular?

By: Vince Edwards

The popularity of tribal tattoos lies in the meaning behind them. In ancient times, tattoos were used for two primary reasons: to mark a person as a member (or nonmember) of the local group or to express religious, magical or spiritual beliefs and convictions. Those same reasons a prompting more and more men and women to seek out tribal art tattoos. Tribal Tattoos have a simple appeal: we like the way they look on us, It reinforces a positive feeling about ourselves and connects us some how to an element of mystery and ancient activity.

Some of the most popular tribal tattoo designs including:

Tribal Dragons
Tribal Crosses
Tribal suns
Celtic knots

Tribal Butterflies
Armbands And Lower back
Scorpions And Animal

However, modern tribal tattoo art doesn’t have to limit itself to ancient or primitive designs. It’s just as easy to find tribal fairy, tribal skull, and tribal barbed wire designs and so on.

Where to find the perfect tribal tattoo designs?
Increasingly, web sites have popped up to specifically help people find tattoo designs. In general, these types of sites could be put into three different categories:

1.Websites with "free flash" (tattoo designs) to browse through
2.Websites with subscription fees to view their entire tattoo design collection.
3.Websites that charge for single designs.

At first glance, "free" looks pretty good, right? Websites that offer free designs (and there are many) usually base what they offer on artwork that is "donated" to their free flash selection. In general, anyone with paper and pencils can submit designs and call him/herself a "tattoo flash artist."The point is, you get what you pay for, and the quality of free designs is generally so poor that is not tattooable.

Moreover, the variety of designs is very limited as well. Comparing the free crap, the BEST way to find top quality tribal tattoo designs online is the paid one as they are drawn by the professional tattoo flash artists instead
of anyone. The variety of paid designs is copious enough for you to pick up the perfect one for inking.

So, in summary, to find a perfect tribal tattoo, you will need to browse through a lot of tattoo designs before you settle on the one for inking.

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has been used successfully by people all over the world to help them select the

Tribal tattoo designs
of their dreams...

All without the need to rush and regret it later.


currently stock 4200 tribal tattoo designs and new Designs are added weekly.

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The Japanese Tattoo

The Japanese Tattoo

The Japanese Tattoo